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Energetic Healing

What is Healing Touch?

HEALING TOUCH is a form of energetic healing. Healing means tracking down, recognising and accepting repressed life issues in the form of blockages on an energetic (subtle) level.

This is a deep soul work that requires absolute devotion to the moment. Without intention and intuitively, your energy field (chakra system) is sensed through my hands. Injuries and suppressed feelings can be detected in the form of energetic (subtle) blockages.

Through empathic empathy and witnessing at the heart level, healing life energy can be directed into blocked areas and the flow of life can be restored.

During and after the treatment, insights from your own soul life can be recognised and integrated. This can help you to free yourself from old stuck life issues and to embark on new paths in life.

How does a treatment work?

You lie relaxed on a couch. I let my hands glide over your body mindfully and intuitively.

What is important here is a protected and trusting space. Because if we come into contact with a repressed part of you, very intensive processes can be triggered....

For example, a memory of a painful situation can come up or unpleasant, repressed feelings suddenly rise up in you. It is immensely helpful not to have to relive or feel the situation from that time or the repressed feeling again alone, like the helpless child or the unprotected adult once did! On the level of the heart, the feeling can be empathically accepted and flow away.

This deeply transformative work shows the way to overcome trauma and depression. Your potential and your true nature can be rediscovered and integrated into your own life. Often the first successes occur after only a few treatments.

What are the duration and costs of treatment?

Duration: The first session lasts about 90 minutes including anamnesis, pre- and post-treatment talk. You should already experience the positive effects of this work after the first treatment.


60 min = 85 €

90 min = 120 €

120 min = 160 €

150 min = 200 €

180 min = 240 €

Discount for students or low income on request.

Energetic healing work is also available by phone or online!

What are the backgrounds of energetic blockages?

In the course of our lives we are exposed to painful experiences. Some of these experiences can be so intense that our soul cannot process them or can only process them incompletely. This is especially the case in our childhood, when we are defencelessly exposed to threatening and hurtful situations.

As a kind of 'survival strategy', this 'shock' experience can be split off into an unconscious part of us. There it blocks our system on a subtle (energetic) level. The energy can no longer flow freely.

This has a direct impact on our lives. Especially in the way we perceive our environment and how we react to certain situations. Something in us tries at all costs not to relive the former 'life-threatening' experience.

The repressed parts can then be felt in us as resistance or unpleasant feelings, among other things. Often fears also play a major role, leading us to reject certain aspects of our lives.

If no attention is paid to these parts, this can lead to mental or physical illness.In depression, for example, life is only perceived in a distorted way through a 'veil'. We are no longer able to see neutrally, without judgements and projections.

This is what participants say about my work.