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Do you know this, too?

Somehow things are not going well. You have followed what was drummed into you from an early age and always try to do your best, but still it doesn't fulfil you?
Relationships with other people always lead to the same conflicts?
Perhaps there are also issues from the past that rob you of the strength to implement what is really close to your heart?
Then we had something in common!
... until the day I decided to no longer put up with it and ask myself the question:

Who am I?

This was so profound and transformative as I had to look deep into the soul to find an answer.

I realised that my whole self-image consisted only of thoughts, feelings, memories and conditioning! And I also realised that I could simply let go of all this ballast.

Suddenly there was an indescribable inner peace that I had always longed for!

Sharing this incredibly healing transformation with people and accompanying them a little way on their path to themselves has become a matter close to my heart.

Spiritual Therapy

What is Spiritual Therapy?

Simply put, it's getting everything out of the way that you are not and awakening to who you truly are!

And this is in reality so simple and so beautiful that we cannot believe it and prefer to continue searching and thus usually continue suffering.
And to get the "seeker" out of the way as well, I offer you some therapeutic concepts that point to the truth but can never replace your own recognition, including:
Awakening guidance in the form of:
  • Talk therapy with dissolving beliefs, patterns and destructive behaviours
  • Trauma work with resolutions of old injuries
  • Inner child work with dissolving the past
  • Systemic constellation with resolution of inner and outer conflicts
  • Silence, ....

What are the duration and costs of treatment?

Duration: For the duration of the 1st session with detailed preliminary talk, the recommendation is 90 minutes.

Already after one treatment you should be able to perceive the positive effects, such as more connection with yourself and thus more openness to others.


60 min = 90 €

90 min = 130 €

120 min = 160 €

150 min = 200 €

180 min = 240 €

With a complementary alternative practitioner insurance or private health insurance, the costs may be reimbursable (but not with the public health insurance).

Discount for students or low income on request.

This therapy is also available by phone or online!

This is what participants say about my work.