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Body armour removal

 What is a DE-ARMOURING?

De-Armouring is a deeply effective body and soul work. By activating particularly pain-sensitive points (marma points) in the body, it is possible to feel stressful and long-forgotten sensations again and, with the help of the breath, to integrate them into your system or let them flow away.

The background is that we have repressed emotional and physical injuries to such an extent that we no longer need to feel them. This often happens completely unconsciously. As a result, an armour is created around the affected areas. The injury and pain are nevertheless stored in the body and subconsciously affect our entire being - including the way we feel and how we react emotionally to our environment. Translated with (free version)

In a protected space, the 'forgotten' pain in the body can be felt again. Cut off sensations can be integrated, energetically transformed and freed from the system. You will feel more connected to yourself and your life again!

How does a treatment work?

First we get to know each other in a conversation. We see if we can 'smell' each other and if we want to work together at all! This is incredibly important in this intensive bodywork.

Without your genuine willingness and openness to work on you, we will not go any further! Only when there is a clear "YES" from both sides will the actual treatment begin:

A de-armouring can be done on the whole body, from head to toe. Each area of the body stands for a special life theme. As a rule, we limit ourselves to one body region during a treatment, which we agree on together beforehand. For example:
Head-jaw-neck-shoulder area or stomach-chest area. If there is enough trust on both sides, the intimate area can also be included after prior consultation. Each area is treated in a special setting. Of course, I will explain everything to you in detail beforehand.

The actual work looks like this: The 'forgotten' pain behind an injury can be directly re-experienced at very specific points in the body (marma points). By activating (pressing) the affected regions of the body with my hands, without intention and deeply, the pain can be experienced again. By feeling and accepting it again, it is possible to let the rejected and repressed feelings flow away with the help of the breath.

In this protected and mindful space you will learn a new approach to your emotional and physical injuries. They lose their horror. You can finally allow them in depth and thus free yourself from them. The energy frozen in the shell is released again. It is now available to you again!

What are the duration and costs of treatment?

Duration: The 1st session with a detailed preliminary and follow-up discussion lasts at least 90 minutes.

This intensive work shows its positive effect immediately after the first treatment. You will feel lighter, more open and more grounded.


90 min = 135 €

120 min = 180 €

150 min = 225 €

180 min = 270 €

Please note, should something come up, please cancel your appointment in good time, up to 24 hours in advance. If you cancel at short notice or do not show up, the fee will still be charged. Thank you for your understanding!

Discount for students or low income on request.

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