Welcome to my website. My name is Jan and I work as

  • trained massage and body therapist,
  • Naturopath for psychotherapy,
  • certified yoga teacher

in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. I also provide advice by telephone and online.

My way of working is based on my ability to intuitively feel the needs of the client with strong empathy and to support him/her in activating his/her own self-healing powers.

On the one hand, I have a wealth of experience from years of self-experience, on the other hand, I have well-founded training and further education at home and abroad in the individual areas of my work.


In excerpts:

Cobra Breath, Level 1
Ipsalu Tantra International

Bio-emotional process guidance
Dr. Alexander Mücke, Berlin

Yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance, RYS 200)
Conscious Yoga Academy, Karpathos Greece

Naturopath for psychotherapy, (since 2019)

Preparatory course "Naturopath for Psychotherapy"
Thomas Rehork, Diplompsychologe, Berlin

Healing Touch (energy healing work)
Institut für Seelenheilung, Berlin

Armour Lifting Bodywork (bodywork, massages)
Sotantar, Berlin

Singing bowl massage 1
Peter Hess Institut, Berlin

In excerpts:

Somatic Experiencing (SE)® Coping with trauma

Energy and bodywork (De-armouring, Reiki)

Massages (Thai, classic massages, deep tissue massages, Lomi Lomi, Tantra)

Yoga (Bikram, Hatha, Ashtanga), Meditation

Breath therapy (including holotropic breathing, tantric breathing)

Constellation work, brainspotting

Gestalt and talk therapy, hypnotherapy

Grinberg method

Inner Child Work

Bio-Emotional Medicine (Kinesiology)

For a long time, very painful and traumatic experiences from my childhood haunted me. Especially in those moments when I needed it the least. I felt like I was under someone else's control and I knew something was terribly wrong. Dealing with other people was difficult for me and I was often very afraid of doing something incorrectly. The opinion of others was more important than my own perception and, completely unconsciously, I was constantly on the run from myself.

Inside, I felt the urge to heal. I wanted to finally get rid of these tormenting memories and live my life more light-hearted again. That's why I decided to seek support. Via some detours, I met people who had had similar experiences. With the help of their therapeutic healing work, I learned to let go in depth and to accept the present moment without compromise and without prejudice.

I became aware that the key to healing lies hidden within each of us. It is always about our own experience - everything else is mental concepts. I also realised that we are much more than the human mind and the physical body and that what we call the soul can be experienced by each of us directly and at any time.

Suddenly an indescribable inner peace set in, beyond imagination. I recognised myself within myself. This unbelievable discovery opened the way for me to free myself layer by layer from my mental shackles.

"Know who you are and you are free."

Fascinated by this extraordinarily transformative "looking inwards", it became increasingly clear to me that I wanted to share this lasting experience with other people. I let myself be trained in the healing methods that were so effective for me, such as energetic healing work, de-armouring bodywork and trauma therapy.

This work is so effective and incredibly transformative because it goes past the mind and immediately reconnects us with our deeper truth within ourselves.

This is what participants say about my work.