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Respiratory therapy

What is Breathwork?

The intensive breathing therapy offered here is so-called connected breathing, similar to holotropic breathing according to S. Grof.

Through deep inhalation and exhalation, without pause, your body is flooded with oxygen. Bio-chemical and energetic processes are thereby set in motion, which can be used to expand your consciousness.

The way is cleared for insights from your soul life that have not been perceived until now.

Subconscious memories, feelings and repressed issues can rise up in you and be looked at and processed in this therapeutic setting.

It is almost as if for a certain period of time you have more strength to work through mental blocks. So you can finally jump over a hurdle that previously seemed too high, that you were afraid of or that you didn't even know was there!


How does a treatment work?

I will explain everything to you again in detail before the session:

Lying on the floor, I guide you to intensify your breath. This means that breathing in and out happens without interruption. I sit next to you and support you in holding the space.

In some circumstances there may be bodily experiences that are uncomfortable, which I will guide you through.

The session is usually accompanied by music that introduces the different phases of a session.

After the phase of intensive breathing and flooding the system with energy, the phase of integration follows. The breath slows down again and your system comes to rest. In this deep relaxation phase, an incredible inner peace usually sets in.

In a final discussion there is enough time to share what you have experienced and to integrate it into your everyday life.


What are the duration and costs of treatment?

Duration: The first session with a detailed preliminary talk takes about 90 minutes. Already after one treatment you will feel the positive effects of this intensive work.


60 min = 85 €

90 min = 120 €

120 min = 160 €

150 min = 200 €

180 min = 240 €

Discount for students or low income on request.


This is what participants say about my work.