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Engery & Bodywork

Let yourself go and come to your true self completely. Experience a state of deep relaxation and inner silence in an appreciative and trusting space. This will help you ground yourself. Tension and blockages can be released and suppressed feelings can be accepted.

As soon as body, mind and soul are in harmony, your whole being can unfold naturally from within. You will feel more connected to yourself again and feel an inner peace.

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Healing Touch

Energetic healing work enables you to overcome trauma and depression. Live your potential and discover yourself beyond ideas and thoughts in the depth of being.

Heilpraktiker PsychotherapieKörperarbeitEnergiearbeit


You want to release deep-seated blockages and free yourself from your mental ballast?

Then body de-armouring can give you new impetus.



Flood your system with energy (prana) and release old waste products. This wonderful work cleanses your system from the inside out. You will feel more alive and free again.