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"Live is a present."



Find relaxation and balance to your stressful everyday life with a holistic massage.

Experience the peace that arises within you through mindful and grounding touch.

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Engery & Bodywork

You want to release deep-seated blockages and free yourself from old mental ballast?

Then these body-oriented and ethereal treatments are just right for you!


Spiritual Therapy

Unleash your chains on the path to self-knowledge and experience yourself in the depth of your being.

"Where you are looking from is what you are looking for." (Rumi)

Hello, I'm Jan ...

... and I work as a trained massage and body therapist, as a naturopath for psychotherapy and as a certified yoga teacher in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg.

With the realisation that lasting happiness and peace can only come from within ourselves, I inspire people on their path to deeper self-knowledge.

I follow a holistic approach that works on a physical, energetic and spiritual level.

The aim of my treatments is to ground you, relax your system and activate your self-healing powers so that stillness and a peace rising from the depths can unfold in you.

This opens the space for profound insights - the source of lasting satisfaction and balance. It is always a return to one's own presence in the "here and now" beyond ideas and thoughts.

This is what participants say about my work.