Paul, July 2019

So far I have had 4 treatments with Jan. At first, of course, I was unsure, especially when it comes to Dearmouring, I was really scared, because I didn't want to take off my fat armor, because underneath was pure pain and despair.

With Jan, however, it was surprisingly easy for me to just give in and “let him do it”. On the basis of the first treatment, we then jointly determined a "direction of travel" and Jan works more on the root, sacral and solar plexus chakra. It has a unique quality of loosening blockages in the deep layers so that these can be released as energy in the body and are ultimately available again as life energy in everyday life. I will do a few more sessions with him and I can recommend Jan to everyone without a shadow of a doubt.

Thank you Jan

Stephanie, August 2019

Jan has an unbelievably good sense of what the body and soul need at any given moment. Whether it needs a gentle or a firmer touch. He feels deep inside you and you can just let yourself fall into it. He has a very soft, dear, warm soul, which is very noticeable in his treatments and touches the heart. Thanks for this experience!

Aurelia, October 2019

Since an energetic treatment is something very intimate and intense, I am sometimes even more skeptical with men. Jan, however, empathized so well with my feminine energy that I was able to surrender to every touch without shame. He has a feeling for touching exactly the right points to initiate a process.

I can only warmly recommend a treatment with him!